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TERAFLEX Jeep JK 241OR 2Low 2WD Low Range Shift Sector Kit #2266900

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TERAFLEX JK 241OR 2Low 2WD Low Range Shift Sector Kit (07-16 WRANGLER JK RUBICON) #2266900


The TeraFlex 241OR 2Low for JK Wrangler Rubicon models will increase your standard low range shift pattern to include a rear 2WD low range option. This increases trail turning ability by allowing tighter turns on narrow switchbacks, and eliminates most front end steering bind associated with 4WD. The 2Low retains the use of all factory low-range options – such as: ESP disabling, electronic swaybar disconnect, and locker engage & disengagement. In the 2Low position the 4WD dash light will illuminate indicating you are in a low range gear. The new shift pattern is: 2H > 4H > N > 2L > 4L


  • 241-OR 2Low Kit
  • Steel
  • Natural Finish
  • 2Low Kit is Engineered to Greatly Boost Trail Turning Ability
  • Retains the Use of All Factory Low-Range Options
  • Internal Modification Only, No External Work Required
  • Creates a New Shift Pattern
  • Eliminates Most 4WD Front Steering Bind
  • 2Low Component, New Shifting Pattern Decal
  • Difficult Installation Requiring 3 Hours on Average
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Fits 2007-2016 Rubicon Model JK Wranglers Only
Engineered 2Low kit from Teraflex gives you access to a new gear to your Jeep Wrangler JK (Rubicon models only) without needing to make external modifications or remove more than half of the T-case. The kit enables tight, bind-free cornering on hairpin trail turns, making exploration of complex terrain a lot more fun and pleasant. The new shift pattern it creates is 2H > 4H > N > 2L > 4L, and there is a decal to replace the stock decal with the new pattern.

2 year limited manufacturer's warranty, as all TeraLow parts from Teraflex do. It eliminates the majority of front end steering bind that is caused by 4-wheel-drive. The rear half of the T-case must be removed temporarily for installation but the front half stays in the Wrangler. The stock low-range operations such as ESP disabling, electronic swaybar disconnect, and locker engage and disengagement will remain operational. The 4WD indicator on the dashboard lights up when 2Low is engaged.

Application. Fits 2007-2016 Rubicon model JK Wranglers.