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Teraflex Falcon Jeep JK 3.3 Series Adjustable Piggyback 2.5”-3” lift Front & Rear Shock Absorber Kit #01-01-33-400-253

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Teraflex FALCON Series 3.3 Adjustable Piggyback 2.5"-3" Lift Front and Rear Shock Kit  # 01-01-33-400-253

The Falcon Series 3.3 Adjustable Piggyback Shock is designed and engineered to deliver race inspired performance and handling while exclusively built to the specific requirements of the Jeep Wrangler. Vehicle stability is the paramount goal with all Falcon shocks. For years shocks have been simply ‘adapted’ with minimal tuning and not specifically designed for an application. Falcon Shocks changes that mentality. The Falcon Series 3 Piggyback shocks are corner specific, built from the ground up, and deliver the best damping characteristics possible with fitment and function outlining the highest priorities. A lengthy and painstaking development process has finally delivered these new advancements to a waiting Jeep market. The front shock features a unique piggyback design with the reservoir positioned horizontally to increase clearance with large tires during articulation and turning. An offset upper stud positions the shock body away from the frame for maximum clearance. The rear shock positions the body and reservoir at the bottom to eliminate shaft damage from rocks kicked up by the tires. The outboard mounting increases clearance for lifted vehicles with raised track bar brackets. Falcon shocks feature Lucas Oil full synthetic shock oil for superior performance across all temperatures to reduce shock fade. The proprietary synthetic formula also contains special anti-wear and lubricity agents that produce excellent thermal stability. Falcon Series 3.3 adjustable piggyback shocks are available in different performance levels including adjustable and non adjustable versions.

Features & Benefits

- JK specific shock

- Increases vehicle stability

- Improved dynamic roll control

- Improved low speed damping

- Optimized fitment for clearance during full suspension travel & articulation

- Front offset stud design creates additional frame clearance

- 2.25” shock body provides optimal performance

- Largest shock body that will fit without modifications

- 6061 aluminum hard anodized shock tube resists wear

- Smooth honed internal shock body surface for long term performance

- ¾” shaft to prevent shaft buckling

- Maximum shaft diameter for optimal adjustable range

- Hard chrome, induction hardened shaft resists rock damage and corrosion

- OGS – the oil/gas separator prevents cavitation

- Digressive linear piston & base valve technology

- One-piece Teflon bronze piston wear band with o-ring

- Fast Adjust Knob (Series 3.3) for quick compression adjustments

- Compression cartridge system can be added to Series 3.1 piggyback shocks by owner after purchase

- Piggyback design increases fluid flow by 6x over restricting reservoir hose designs

- Piggyback fluid passage eliminates common leakage issues found in banjo & swivel fittings

- Hard anodized billet piston

- Aluminum construction for superior heat dissipation

- Lucas Oil full synthetic shock oil

- 1,000 hour salt spray corrosion resistance on all hardware

- Serviceable & rebuildable (factory serviced)

- JK Wrangler models including Rubicon and Unlimited

- 3 year warranty

- Patent pending design