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Pro Comp

Pro Comp SS-6 Six-Way Universal Switch System

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Control your lights, horns or 12v accessories from one convenient location with Pro Comp’s new Six-Way Touchscreen Sports Switch. The switch plate can be mounted anywhere in your vehicle and the all-in-one design eliminates the need for additional fuses, switches, leads or other parts that would normally need to be purchased separately. The waterproof aluminum/glass touchscreen, solid state control box and weatherproof OEM-style connectors offer safe, reliable performance in all conditions and is simple to install and wire up. Customization is easy with 24 laser engraved adhesive labels, which is red in the “OFF” position and blue when turned on.

  • All-in-one design 6-way switch panel 
  • Works with any 12v system or 12v accessory 
  • Controls lighting and other electronically controlled vehicle accessories from a single source
  • Switch panel mounts anywhere inside vehicle
  • All-glass touchscreen face with aluminum housing 
  • Customizable options with 24 laser engraved labels 
  • ON and OFF color change indicator 
  • Solid state control box
  • Waterproof housing and weatherproof OEM-type connectors IP67 Rating
  • Universal mounting hardware and wiring instruction included
  • Easy to install and wire