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EATON ELOCKER 4, DANA 44, 30 SPLINE, 3.73 & DOWN GEAR RATIO - 19977-010

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The Eaton ELocker is designed for a variety of uses. Towing off road, rock-crawling and high performance vehicles will all benefit by installing an ELocker. Its smooth engagement and validated strength make it an ideal solution to improve traction and maneuverabiltiy. Units are available for both front and rear axle installation.

Users operate the Elocker with the flip of a dash switch. When in the "off" position, the unit operates as a fully-open differential. If activated to the "on" position, an electronicallycontrolled mechanism locks the internal differential gear set to the differential case providing 100% axle lock.

Features and Specs:

* Selectable push-button operation.

* Designed with four (4) alloy pinion gearsto withstand high levels of torque.

* Net forged gears provide greater strength over competitors machine-finished gears.

* Locking Collar is timed for smooth, consistant engagement.

* Validated performance and durability.

** NOTE:JK 2007+,  Uses the 3.73 & Down carrier because of Thick Gears.

Part Numbers:

3.73 & Down Gear Ratio - 19977-010

3.92 & Up Gear Ratio - 19969-010