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Factor 55

Crosby 3/4″ Shackles

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The recreational offroad industry is full of low-quality imported shackles due to their low cost. This limits the locations to purchase USA-made shackles to only your local rigging supply store. Factor 55 has partnered with the Crosby Group to offer its quality shackles.
These shackles can sometimes have small blemishes after their powder coating. These blemishes do not affect the shackle’s ability to outperform low-quality imported shackles in any way.
Each shackle is first powder coated with an epoxy-based powder coating for superior corrosion resistance, then powder coated in a polyester-based material for UV stability.

  • Shackles are sold individually. NOT in pairs.
  • 3/4″ is most common for JEEP, Truck, SUV applications. (3/4 shackle = 7/8 diameter pin)
  • WLL: 4 3/4T (9,500 lbs)
  • MBS: 57,000 lbs
  • Certified, Tested, and Made in the USA.