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Contura Type Rocker Switch Cover Removal Tool

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Switch Actuator Removal Tool

The hard to remove Rocker Switch Covers are challenging to remove. We offer a tool  actuator removal tool made specifically for this purpose.  It slides under the actuator (the side that’s UP), and the small prongs push back the latches on either side and it pops off!

Hold the tool flush along the base of the switch body

You’ll want to hold the tool flush along the base of the switch body, and push toward the center.  It’s really quite easy, and intuitive once you have it in your hand.

How to Remove a Rocker Cover (Actuator) from the switch body

The cover part of a rocker switch is called an actuator.  It snaps onto the switch body and creates a complete unit.  These actuators snap on there pretty tight so it doesn’t accidentally fall off.

But it’s really common (in fact, advantageous) to move around, swap and replace actuators.  When you’re trying to replace your grubby old covers with one of our new custom actuators you will need to remove the old ones without breaking them.