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Amber / Amber">

Tech Lite

3/4" LED Marker Lamp
Amber / Amber

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3/4" round, Amber lens LED lamp Poison Spyder # 41-02-285

IP 67 Waterproof

  • TECH LITE - AMBER 3/4" Side Marker light Grommet Mount Single Led, Clearance Marker and Auxiliary Stop Tail Turn Light.
  •  LED Light 1 Diode AMBER, Dual function High & Low 3 Wire
  • LED SIDE MARKER Light, Fender Marker Light, Clearance Light, Indicator lights, Aux stop turn tail brake light etc.
  • AUX LIGHTING Can be used as an aux lighting to your existing brake light, but not approved as a brake light.
  • DIMENSIONS: Outer Diameter: 26mm (1.02''); Inner Diameter: 16mm (0.63''); Wire Length: 200mm (7.87'')
  • EASY TO INSTALL - 3 Wire Connections: Black is Negative, Red+Black - high brightness, White+Black - low brightness
  • 1 Year Warranty.

IMPORTANT: This item is NOT intended as a direct replacement for any "stock" turn signal or marker lamp. It does not plug directly into the vehicle's wiring harness—it will require cutting and splicing into the vehicle's wiring harness.

Poison Spyder # 41-02-285