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Wicked Edge USA

Wicked Edge Obsidian- WE66

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The Wicked Edge Obsidian - WE66 is for those who are chasing perfection. The Micro-Angle Drive© provides ultimate control over your angle adjustment, allowing you to hone in on your perfect edge. If you think a Wicked Edge means perfection, then the Obsidian was built for you.


  • The DualCam© Vise allows for effortless, highly efficient clamping ability.
  • The Micro Angle-Drive© provides the smoothest angle settings possible, allowing you to adjust your angle with ultimate precision.
  • Lightweight and compact for use at home, in the field, or for travel. 
  • Can be secured to any hard, flat surface with the included C-clamp or directly mounted to a work surface through the predrilled holes in the sharpener base.
  • Made in the USA.


  • Premium Monocrystalline 200/600 Grit Diamond Stone Pack (2 ea)
  • Type 2 Anodized Aluminum Black Base and DualCam© Vise 
  • Micro Angle-Drive© 
  • 8.75" Stainless Steel Guide Rods
  • C-Clamp
  • Depth Key
  • Standard Alignment Guide
  • Guide Rod Shields
  • Shims Pack
  • Practice Knife
    • The knife shown in the images is not included


  • Able to sharpen blades up to 15" long 
  • Angle Range: 13-31 degrees per side (26-62 degrees inclusive)
  • Angle Markings in 1-degree increments
  • Angle markings are calibrated for the knife's edge to sit at 5/8" above the top of the vise
  • Able to clamp blades up to 3/16” thick
  • Guide Rod length: 8.75" 
  • Product weight: 4.15 LBS

The WE66 is compatible with the following items:

  • All Wicked Edge sharpening stones and strops
  • 13" Guide Rods for WE60 Series Sharpeners
  •  DualCam© Vise Jaws for 1/4" Blades
  • Low Angle Adapter
  • Scissor Attachment
  • Chisel Attachment
  • Blade Stabilizer
  • Advanced Alignment Guide
  • Safety Shields
  • Aluminum Base for WE60 Series Sharpeners
  • Hard Carrying Case for WE60-Series Sharpener

The WE66 is not compatible with the following items:

  • 10", 12", and 15" Guide Rods
  • Gen3 V2 Jaws for 1/4" Blades
  • Gen3 V2 Jaws for 3/16" Blades
  • Low Angle Kit