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Whelen Engineering ION Series Super-LED Lighthead - White #TTO-WE-IONW

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The Whelen ION Series Super-LED Light is a super-tough, ultra compact Super-LED light that is perfect for mounting anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out. Rugged water-resistant design will shrug off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration. Compact and versatile enough to mount in any small space on emergency and rescue equipment, off-road vehicles, industrial equipment, motorcycles, utility vehicles, marine applications and many other heavy-duty application


  • Multiple available flash patterns. Water-resistant design is perfect for inside or outside your vehicle.
  • Uses six ultra-bright Gen3 Super-LEDs
  • Synchronizable with other compatible Whelen products
  • 12 VDC. 6 Ultra-bright Gen 3 Super-LEDs give this light serious output.
  • Smallest and most effective Super-LED light in the market.


Dimensions  6" x 2.4" x 1.2"   4.8 oz