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Team Tech Offroad

TJ Custom 12-Switch System

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Kit includes:

  • One TJ Housing for 6 2232 Dual Pushbuttons
  • Six Custom 2232 Blue/Green Dual Pushbuttons
  • Two Wire harnesses for switch panel
  • Two 24" harness extensions
  • Two S-Tech 6 Power Modules with 84" battery Cables
  • Two Waterproof 60amp breakers
  • Two 24" Battery extension cables
  • One TJ Fuse Tap
  • Two TJ Mounting Brackets
  • Custom wiring for box #2 --- Grey is #2 and Green is #6
  • Mounting Hardware, cutting guide

 Logos on switches

Top row--- Windshield Lights, Offroad Lights, AUX 1, AUX 2, Front Diff, Compressor

Bottom row--- Rear Lights, Rock Lights, AUX 3, AUX 4, Rear Diff, Sway Bar

Panel to be shipped with no finish, switches and harness removed.