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TeraFlex EZ-Tire Deflator Kit

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The TeraFlex EZ-Deflator quickly and accurately lowers the air pressure in your tires for improved trail comfort and off road performance. The simple function 2” dial gauge allows for easy and accurate pressure reading during the deflation process. The sealed bourdon tube construction is calibrated before final assembly and is unaffected by altitude, humidity, or temperature changes. The certified mechanical accuracy rating of ± 2% takes the guesswork out of critical low pressure adjustment.

The air-down process is completed by removal of the valve core for rapid tire deflation, while also providing accurate pressure reading by the simple movement of a sliding valve. The EZ-Deflator features knurled brass knobs, nylon braided pressure hose, rubber gauge guard, and 2” dial with one PSI increments.

The EZ-Deflator comes with a limited lifetime warranty.