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MOPAR JL Hood Latches and Brackets fits JK 07-18

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NEW 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL to JK Easy Upgrade Hood Latch, Set of 2 Latches.

MOPAR finally made the BEST HOOD LATCHES on the market and put them on the 2018+ JL Hood. 

Good News !!  they also fit 07-18 JK and you will love these latches. Fits JK 07-18



  • 68240952AD x2
  • 68240951AB x2





    JL Wrangler Hood Latches and Brackets

    Is your hood fluttering while driving? This is a warning sign that it is time to replace your JK hood latch system with the best system available. Good News it is a MOPAR Genuine OEM part designed for the JL and fits the JK 07-18.
    The Mopar JL hood latches are designed to be a direct replacement for the inferior JK system that degrade and fail after a short amount of use. These new JL hood catch kits are simply awesome. 
    They are designed to be a bolt-on solution, with a small amount of re drilling for larger hardware.  
    The Kit includes (2) Mopar OEM Wrangler JL hood latches ..JK hardware is reused.

     MOPAR PART # 

    (2)  68240952AD 

    (2)  68240951AB 


    Watch the Installation Video above:
    • Simply drill the three latch bolt holes in the hood 
    • Elongate the upper two holes for maximum hood alignment and adjustment 
    • 3 Lower holes  3/8"
    • 2 Upper holes 3/8" + Dremel tool elongation