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Monster DC Series LED Rock Lights (Pro-Packs)

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We took the Ultimate LED rock light and made it even BETTER! Introducing the all new DC Series from LUX. Now with leads exiting the light from both ends you can easily 'daisy chain' up to 10 lights in a single string! Revolutionizing the installation process the new DC series gives you what you need for a truly amazing clean and professional installation. The Monster DC is the ultimate LED rock light. With (8) ultra high efficiency LED's it has the highest output of all our rock lights at the same size as the MAX. The Monster from LUX offers magnetic mounting, high output, super broad light coverage, IP68 waterproof rating, incredible durability and 14 foot leads. These truly are the Ultimate LED Rock Light!

Pro-Packs have everything you need for a clean professional installation including the DC series waterproof installation kit and LUX logo rocker switch.

Super Cool White Color.

***Lights must be mounted to a flat metal surface for proper heat dissipation***