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MAX Built To Fit LED Rock Lights for Jeeps (sPOD)

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We took our #1 selling light and made it even BETTER! Introducing the all new MAX Built to Fit Series for Jeeps. This is a true plug and play system built specifically for Jeeps. No cutting, splicing, butting or modifying necessary, open the box..... and put it on. Revolutionizing the installation process the new BTF series from LUX offers the simplest and fastest installation process in the WORLD! The MAX BTF offers magnetic mounting, high output, super broad light coverage, IP68 waterproof rating, incredible durability and leads with spade terminals for sPOD.

The 8 piece set includes lights for complete ground coverage placing 4 lights along each side of your Jeep. The 12 piece set adds 4 lights for fender well installation. Each light string is pre-built at our factory to fit perfectly and features leads with spade connectors to install directly to an sPOD.