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Say goodbye to blind spots with CAM-MV6 from EchoMaster. Featuring multiple viewing modes/options, including a 180 degree widefield view, and versatile mounting options, it offers comprehensive visibility for safer, easier driving.

When it comes to comprehensive visibility, most cameras fall short. CAM-MV6 is designed to provide three viewing modes including a 180° wide-field view that exposes areas that might otherwise fall into a troublesome blind spot.

The 180° field of view is one of the widest on the market, offering a full visual of a car’s surroundings without creating blind spots. Packaged with a universal mounting bracket, complete with screws and adhesive tape, CAM-MV6 can mount on a lip or a flat surface, serving as a front or rear camera.

A convenient one-touch button, located  within your reach, lets you switch between different viewing options to help you see around obstacles, making it easier than ever to make a turn or back up into oncoming traffic. Say goodbye to awkwardly inching forward, trying to get a handle on oncoming traffic because a tree or a stop sign is in the way. CAM-MV6 lets you see around these obstacles, without endangering yourself by pulling too far forward or backing out too quickly.

With CAM-MV6 installed as a front or rear camera, you can stay aware of your surroundings for a safer, easier, and less stressful driving experience.

The user can manually switch between three views, giving them multiple viewing angles

  1. Extended 180° view of front or back depending on where you have your camera mounted
  2. 3-Way Featuring L/R 180° View AND Zoomed View of Your Vehicles Lower Center Back which is helpful for backing into a trailer
  3. Left and Right 180° split screen offering an even wider perspective of what might be hiding near you.

Key Features:

  • Sensor type: ⅓” CMOS
  • illumination: 0.1 LUX
  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Viewing angle: 180 degrees
  • Total cable length, 6.4m/21ft.

The backup camera will display in 180° extended mode automatically when the driver places their car in reverse (as seen above), but the driver can also manually flip between alternate viewing modes, to assist them in situations where a different angle is needed.  The view below displays a lower angle, which can be useful when backing into a trailer or boat.  The lower view will allow the driver to see the hitch on their car, and back into that trailer with ease.   When the standard 180° isn't enough, the driver can use the split screen extended view, to widen their field of view, this split screen view can be shown with the lower view, or alone.


Wiring Diagram/Manual