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Sierra Gear & Axle

Sierra D44 Rear Jeep JK '07-up Left and Right 30SP CM Performance Axle Kit ........... #SA-12156

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Sierra D44 Rear  Jeep JK '07-up Left and Right 30SP CM Performance Axle Kit #SA-12156

Chromoly Performance Axles from Sierra Gear & Axle are designed for high performance use.

Stock axle shafts are typically made from 1040 and 1541 steel and are perfectly adequate for stock applications. For our performance axle shafts, we use 4340 Chromoly steel, which has been hardened to maximize the strength and ductility of the axle shafts. The combination of superior materials and advanced manufacturing processes make Sierra Gear Chromoly axles far stronger and more durable than standard stock axles.