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Sierra Gear & Axle

D44 JK Rubicon Front Master Kit # IK D44JKR-F

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D44 JK Rubicon Front Master Kit # IK D44JKR-F

D44 JK Rubicon Front Master Kit    # IK D44JKR-F


Our Differential Repair Rebuild and Installation Kits are the most complete in the industry!

We assemble each kit using only the highest quality components. Each of our kits are designed to ensure a trouble-free installation and long lasting performance. Several different kits are available for each application, each tailored for the type of differential repair being performed. Whether you’re doing a complete differential repair, differential gear ratio change, budget rebuild or pinion bearing replacement, we have got the ideal kit for you.

Master Rebuild Kit (IK) – Our most complete Differential Rebuild Kit.

  • Pinion and Carrier Bearings
  • Pinion Seal
  • Pinion Shims (where applicable)
  • Pinion Nut
  • Crush Sleeve or Depth Shims (where applicable)
  • Ring Gear Bolts (most applications)
  • O-Ring (where applicable)
  • Gear Marking Compound & Brush
  • Loctite
  • Cover Gasket or Silicone
  • Carrier Super Shims (where applicable)
  • Slingers & Baffle (where applicable)
  • Installation Instructions