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About TT Racing

“Our team simply works well together,” said Scott Bove. This is one of the main reasons we have been so successful. We all complement each other and there are no weak links.”

Team Tech Motorsports works as a cohesive unit not only on race day, but all the time; constantly making preparations and alterations in order to better serve their sponsors and create a more efficient racing experience.

“There’s a lot more to winning a race than just a good driver and a good car,” said Team Crew Chief Dan Goodman. “From the person that makes the hotel reservations to the person loading the trailer, we all have to work as a team to be a success.”

Team Tech Motorsports does indeed work as a team, a team with more goals than just good racing.

“We want to promote the sport of racing, at every level,” said Bove. “We view ourselves as ambassadors for the sport and representatives of our sponsors.”